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Some tips and tricks for cat novices!

Helping you to enjoy life with your cat

  • Long-haired cats should be brushed daily.

  • Giving cats the right food stops plaque from building up on their teeth.

  • Check and clean your cats ears from time to time because cats cannot do that themselves.

  • Slight build-ups in the corners of your cats eyes can be removed easily with a damp kleenex.
  • Hygiene is the key. Try to clean out your cats litter pan every day.

  • Choose the more expensive food with plenty of vitamins.

  • Dont forget to take your cat to the vet. Remember when vaccinations and deworming are due.

  • Do you let your cat out of doors? If so, check for ticks regularly during the summer months.

  • Cat grass helps cats to bring up hairballs.